Your first set of retainers and one year of retainer checks are complimentary at Hyman Orthodontics!

Congratulations on your beautiful smile!

We are looking forward to working with you during this final and very important phase f your orthodontic treatment. Please remember that your cooperation with our instructions and your ongoing visits with us are the utmost importance so that we can maintain your beautiful smile.

Here are the instructions that will keep you smiling!

  • Wear your appliance 24 hours a day until otherwise instructed. This is very important. You should remove it only to brush your teeth and your appliance. (Appliances get lost or broken when they are left on lunch trays, wrapped in paper napkins, stuffed in your pocket, etc.) Replacement of a lost or broken retainer will be an additional expense to you.

  • Please do not put your appliance in hot water or leave it in a hot car. The acrylic will distort.

  • Please do not chew anything sticky like gum, caramels, etc. They will stick to the acrylic.

  • Please do not leave your appliance where it will be stepped on or chewed on by a dog or cat.

  • to remove: Pull on the side clasps. Do not pull on the front wire.

  • To insert: make sure the front wire is over your front teeth, then push the sides to make sure it is in place.

  • Please wear your retainer for each office visit.

Cleaning Instructions

Use a denture brush to brush your appliances with toothpaste & rinse with cool water. Also: soak appliances 2-3 times a month in 1 part vinegar to 1 part water & brush your appliances with baking soda and water to keep them fresh.

It is very important that you follow these instructions so that we can maintain your beautiful smile.

Last but not least – THANK YOU for being our patient!

Knowledgeable and friendly personnel. Dr Hyman is a hidden gem in Montebello. The office is very organized and always extremely helpful. Highly recommend Invisalign through his office not only for the organization and great service but the technique and expertise Dr Hyman and his staff provides! Cathy his assistant is amazing and so patient when working with my daughter.

It's scary out there so from a mom to others it's a well investment and will not be disappointed 🙂

Tanya P.Yelp

Dr. Hyman and his staff are the best!! We have been going here through two sets of braces for two kids. I recommend him to everyone and I am so grateful I found them!! Thank you for all your hard work and excellent work ethics. Their prices are very reasonable and they work with you to set up payment plans. They also except certain insurances. Dr. Human only does what is necessary and doesn't "add" phases. He waits until it's time to put braces on!!

Terri R.Yelp

Great first visit, everyone was polite, fast, but took the time to explain every procedure, the process and cost. Looking forward to my next visit. If you check in on Yelp you get a free treat.

Sophia J.Google

So many people have told me great things about Hyman Orthodontics and I decided to see for myself!
Caroline answered the phone and was very helpful about working around my schedule. BTW- Dr. Hyman is one of the few orthodontists open 5 days per week. Actually, he is the only one I could find who really works with my busy life. Fun patient promotions and first rate care.Dr. Hyman is board certified and the the whole staff seems above and beyond what I have experienced at other offices.

Shanice M.Google

Michael got his braces yesterday. Carla proceeded to explain to him what he could not eat, how to clean his teeth and how to put on the elastic bands. We get home, he eats, cleans his teeth and we could not figure out how to put the elastic bands back on! We called Hyman Orthodontics and Alex was great at getting us back in to the office in less than 15 minutes! Carla was super nice and showed all of us (Michael & parents) how to replace the elastic bands! So far... great experience. Highly recommend Hyman Orthodontics!

Lizbeth M.Facebook

This is the 3rd time coming here. First my daughter and her teeth are great now. Then my husband, his are almost there. And now my high school son. Need to correct his over bite and straighten his bottom. Would not keep coming back if this place wasn't AWESOME! Thanks.

Vandy M.Facebook