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Providing Same-Day Consultations & Treatments!

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Providing Same-Day Consultations & Treatments!

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Straighten Your Teeth in Less Time

invisalign in montebello caEvery day, we meet people who want to straighten their teeth to make their smile healthier and more attractive but just are not interested in braces. While we are big proponents of braces treatment, we understand their reservations. Metal braces are associated with tweens and teens and the awkward years of puberty. Adults, older teens, and anyone who is image conscious can struggle with sporting a silver grin.

And that is why we offer Invisalign to Montebello, CA. Invisible, effective, and more convenient than most other forms of treatment, Invisalign is one of our most requested appliances for alignment correction.

The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Discretion: Using clear aligners, Invisalign delivers treatment that is invisible to those around you.

Comfort: Metal wires and brackets cause irritation to the mouth, but Invisalign aligners are smooth, reducing or eliminating soreness found with braces.

Convenience: Removable aligners allow you to take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss with ease.

Scheduling: Because you make adjustments on your own by swapping out aligners, you see us less often, making treatment easy on your schedule.

Health: Braces create lots of nooks and crannies for food and bacteria to hide, but Invisalign aligners actually reduce surface space for unhealthy elements to gather.

Getting Started

If you are ready to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign, now is the time to get started. Call us at 323.725.8300 or click here to schedule your complementary exam with the Hyman Orthodontics 5-star team. This no-obligation visit includes an oral exam, digital x-rays, and an in-depth discussion of your treatment options.
Your Healthy Smile Starts at Hyman Orthodontics

So, you need braces. Does that idea thrill you or scare you? If it is the latter, it is okay to admit that. We see many patients who are scared to start treatment, often because they have heard some not-so-great things about traditional metal braces. Which is why we want to set the record straight.

Once upon a time, traditional metal braces did have some problems. They were large, awkward, and not as effective as they could have been. But those braces are a thing of the past.

The Difference Between Then and Now

Over the last few decades, braces manufacturers and orthodontics experts have been working to transform traditional metal braces. The result is braces that are more attractive, comfortable, and effective. Braces are now fixed to the teeth using a special adhesive and the use of stainless steel allows them to be smaller and lighter. Even the wires have been reworked a bit to make them more exact in the way they deliver force. The result is more accurate results in less time than seen before.

Understanding Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are what you pictures—more or less—when you think of braces. They have metal brackets and wires and the brackets are fixed to the teeth. The wires direct pressure to the teeth to move them. Every so many weeks, patients come in to have the wires adjusted to keep their treatment moving along.

Why Use Traditional Metal Braces?

There are many other options on the market, so why should you choose traditional metal braces? Well, they are highly effective and widely available, but perhaps the biggest reason is cost. These braces are cheaper than any other appliance, making them ideal for those who are paying out of pocket for treatment.

Additionally, not all orthodontic problems can be treated by all types of braces. In some cases, traditional metal braces are the only or best option.

Getting Started

Would you like to learn more about treatment with traditional metal braces? Then now is the time to schedule your consultation. This appointment is completely free and includes an oral exam, digital x-rays, and an in-depth consultation. To set up your appointment, call 562.374.7452. We look forward to helping you make your smile the best it can be.

Text Us 7 Days a Week at 323.427.1633

Come experience our 5-star-rated office and get started on your perfect smile – we can’t wait to meet you!

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Montebello, CA, our team at Hyman Orthodontics also provides award-winning orthodontic services to patients from Pico Rivera, Whittier, East LA, Monterey Park, Alhambra & Commerce, CA.


I came here when I was a child in the 70s, my daughter in the 90s, and now my little one in 2018. 3 generations of beautifully straight by teeth. Wouldn't go anywhere else. - Angela S. angela 5 star orthodontic review

What others thought impossible it was possible with Dr. Hyman's professional experience and great staff. You guys made wearing invisalign an awesome experience. Thank you for everything.

- Erika Murillo
erika 5 star orthodontic review

I was afraid to improve my smile but I am a professional person in the health industry and I need to look my best. Dr. Hyman spent time giving me options and patiently calmed my nerves. Liz made the payment plan reasonable and I felt welcomed by the entire staff. Best orthodontic office in the San Gabriel Valley!

- Nathan Klipfel
nathan 5 star review

*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Hyman Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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