How to Maintain Your Smile after Orthodontic Treatment


The ultimate solution to a crooked smile is a trip to the orthodontist. I will evaluate your oral health and provide you with the right treatment to promote the proper alignment of your teeth. Once you’ve completed treatment, you can show off your beautiful and polished smile to the world! Don’t forget to take proper care of your teeth to maintain the appearance of your beautiful smile in the long run.

For those of you who are wondering how to maintain your smile after braces, here are a few steps to help you preserve your polished smile.

1. Wear Your Retainers to Preserve the Proper Alignment of Your Teeth

Once you have completed treatment you need to wear retainers to maintain the proper alignment of your teeth. It is crucial to wear your lower and upper retainers according to the instructions provided by me and my team in order to keep your teeth straight and aligned. Do not forget to regularly clean your retainers as instructed by us and store them safely to keep them in good shape.

2. Food items to Avoid After Completing Treatment

Initially your teeth might feel a little more sensitive than usual, so stay away from extremely hot or cold food items to prevent your sensitivity. Also, make sure to avoid any extra crunchy or chewy food items to allow your teeth to adjust well to their new position.

3. Get a Whitening Treatment After Your Braces Have Been Removed

Now that you’ve achieved a beautifully aligned smile, you may be thinking about getting a whitening treatment done to enhance the appearance of your teeth, however, you need to wait at least a month or two before going in for the treatment. In order to promote healing and prevent the sensitivity from aggravating, it is important to stay away from any such treatments, as these can cause discomfort. See your general dentist for whitening treatment.

4. Oral Health Care Plan

Don’t forget to schedule a dental appointment shortly after having your completing treatment for a thorough cleaning and check-up. Make sure to floss your teeth after meals and brush your teeth and retainers at least twice a day. Moreover, do not forget to disinfect your retainer at least once a week using a retainer disinfector, to ensure optimal oral health.

These 4 tips on how to maintain your smile after braces will help you preserve your beautiful smile and stay on top of your oral health game!