The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontics and Available Treatment Options

By February 20, 2018Ortho 101

Has your crooked smile shattered your confidence? Do you dream of having the perfect, Hollywood smile? Not everyone has been blessed with perfectly aligned teeth, however, orthodontic treatment by an experienced orthodontist can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

What is Orthodontics?

The term “orthodontics” is derived from the Greek word “Orthos”, which means proper and aligned. The first school of Orthodontics was opened in 1901. According to the American Academy of Orthodontics, Orthodontia is a part of dentistry that operates in diagnosing, treating and preventing dental irregularities. If you have any dental irregularities, your dentist will refer you to an orthodontist – a dental specialist that has spent 2 to 3 additional years in the field of orthodontics, where they have learned how to carefully and safely adjust the alignment of the teeth to promote positive dental growth. Initially, orthodontic treatments were only being provided to teens, however, around 30% of patients nowadays are from the adults.

What Types of Conditions Can Be Treated Through Orthodontics Treatments?

Being a versatile subdivision of dentistry, Orthodontic treatment can be used separately or in combination with other treatments such as cosmetic dentistry to remove any imperfections. Treatments are carried out by an Orthodontist to align the teeth in a proper manner.

The Following Conditions Can Be Treated Using Orthodontics:

Overcrowding – One of the most common orthodontic problems include overcrowding. Overcrowding occurs when you do not have sufficient space in the jaws to support normal development and growth of your teeth – which leads to the misalignment of teeth.

Anteroposterior deviations – This refers to the discrepancy or inconsistency between the upper teeth and the lower teeth when the jaws are closed. If you are suffering from an overbite or an underbite, which refers to the misalignment of teeth (one being further ahead than the other in each case), you require orthodontic treatment to have it fixed.

Aesthetic Issues – If wayward teeth are ruining your smile, an orthodontist can safely realign your teeth to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic Treatment Options Available

Being a technologically advanced branch of dentistry, orthodontics offers a wide variety of advanced solutions to cosmetic and dental concerns. An experienced and reliable orthodontist will carry out visual examinations and view  x-rays to evaluate the nature and intensity of the discrepancy. After a thorough evaluation, he will offer you a suitable treatment option.

The following are 2 of the most common treatment options available out there:

Invisalign – This is known to be one of the most advanced and popular orthodontic solutions available today. Invisalign is a transparent dental aligner that can be removed easily and conveniently. One of the most prominent features of Invisalign is that it does not interfere with your eating due to its removable nature, and works in the exact same manner as the usual metal braces.

Braces – Using a metal or ceramic base, these braces are fixed onto your teeth with a metal wire running through the base. The wire is regularly adjusted to promote the proper alignment of teeth. Once the proper alignment of teeth has been achieved, the braces are removed to reveal a polished smile.

Knowing exactly what orthodontics is and the treatment options available will allow you to make an informed decision. If you, too, want to get rid of the imperfections and achieve a beautiful and flawless smile, orthodontics can deliver just what you’re seeking!