6 Amazing Facts About Orthodontic History

By February 19, 2018Ortho 101


Whether you are planning to get braces or Invisalign or are currently an orthodontic patient, here are some surprising facts about my profession that are bound to surprise you!

Fact number one – NASA had invented the wires that are currently used to tie the braces.

The wiring used for braces contains a certain amount of nickel titanium, however, did you know that NASA had originally created this alloy for its utilization in the space program? When utilized for orthodontic treatments, these thin and flexible wires are activated by the user’s body heat and maintain their shape once they are attached to the teeth.

Fact number 2 – Braces have been present for more than 300 years.

Pierre Fauchard had created the first official braces in 1728. These braces had a flat metal piece connected to the teeth using a thin thread. Major advancements were made in the 20 th century by Edward Angle, who introduced braces to address tooth alignment issues.

Fact number 3 – Retainers are essential to ensure permanent results

The success of an orthodontic treatment is determined by the patient’s dedication in wearing the retainers. Don’t be part of the approximately 25 percent of orthodontic patients who need retreatment!

Fact number 4 – People of all ages can wear braces

Orthodontic treatments are not just restricted to children and teens. According to the research conducted by the American Association of Orthodontics, approximately 25% of orthodontic patients are adults in their 50s and 60s. Therefore, you can get them at whatever age you wish.

Fact number 5 – Millions of people are currently undergoing orthodontic treatments

Around 4 million people in the US are currently undergoing orthodontic treatments to promote the proper alignment of their teeth. Around 75% of these people are below the age of 18.

Fact number 6 – The first book on dentistry was published in 1840

“The Dental Art” was written by Chapin A. Harris, who was an American journalist and dentist, in 1840. The famous book contains practices associated with tooth rotation and dental bites. These were the 6 amazing facts about orthodontic history that are going to fascinate anyone who has undergone or is undergoing an orthodontic treatment!