3 Tips on How to Care for Your Braces


If you have misaligned teeth, the best way to fix such issues is orthodontic treatment: braces or Invisalign. This blog discusses tips needed to take extra care of your teeth while wearing braces, preventing any staining, decaying or gum diseases. Moreover, I recommend being careful to avoid foods that are sticky, chewy, and extra-crunchy to prevent the braces from being damaged. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, you should also avoid from biting your lips, breathing heavily through your mouth, and pressing your tongue against your teeth.

If you’ve recently started orthodontic treatment, here is a list of the top tips on how to care for your

1. Regular Brushing

Although the standard recommendation for oral care is brushing twice a day, when you get braces, it is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal or snack. The reason for this is that the food particles can easily get stuck in your braces, and the longer those food particles remain trapped, the higher the risk you run of developing periodontal diseases. Make sure that you use a soft bristled brush to brush your teeth – you can also opt for an electric toothbrush depending upon your preference. Begin by rinsing your mouth to loosen up the food particles stuck in your braces. Then grab your brush and start brushing above and below the brackets using a 45-degree angle, and do not forget the gum line. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the brackets, rinse your mouth with water at least twice.

2. Flossing

Make sure that you floss your teeth and braces at least once a day. Use an orthodontic flosser to go under the wires of your braces. If you are looking for the best floss for braces, waxed floss is an ideal option as it can easily slide between your teeth and won’t be trapped between your braces. Moreover, do not forget to use a high quality mouthwash to get rid of the remaining debris and bacteria.

3. Foods to Avoid

There are some foods that you need to keep away from when wearing braces. Try to avoid any starchy or sugary foods as these can lead to a buildup of plague around the brackets of the braces. These can also cause cavities and staining of teeth whilst increasing the risk of developing gum diseases. Avoid foods, such as toffees, chewing gums, candies, dried fruits, corn on the cob and several other chewy or crunchy food items that can be stuck in your braces. Also, do not consume hard foods and fruits, such as nuts, popcorn, beef, ice, carrots and raw apples, as these can loosen the brackets of the braces and break its wires. If you want to consume such crunchy foods, first break them down into small pieces to avoid putting any pressure on your braces.

These top 3 tips on how to care for your braces will speed up the healing process and allow you to
prevent the onset of any potential gum and periodontal diseases.